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Usual data entry

The usual way to work with student records is to find each student individually, that is, find the student from the Main Menu.

But what if you need to enter a several observations at the same time, eg, from today's Incident Cards? Or you want to update the records of your support actions after a Support Meeting?

There is a faster, easier way!!

1. Update Support:

 From the Main Menu just click the [Update Support] button and you are asked which Provider (GO, SW, CT...) you are interested in. Handy if you are a GO, SW.... This provides you with a list of incomplete Support Actions for editing

  • tick off those Support Actions that are complete
  • edit the Support Actions  that need editing, eg, before ticking off completed items edit the date to indicate when they were actual completed
  • and you can add new support actions by clicking in the name box and selecting from the list of students in the drop down box. Very easy!!

2. Update Observations:

From the Main Menu just click  [Update Observations] button and you have several options :

(a) This form ('page') opens with all unticked observations: 'Concerns - to check'. This view enables you to

  • tick off or edit existing Observations.

It also prompts you to think about how well you are following up on what has happened. Ideally this list should only contain a small number of records, eg, something happened and the student has been away since, or the family has not responded as requested...

(b) click the 'All Concerns 7 days' tab, and it provides you with recent events so that you can see at a glance

  • how things are going at the moment, that is,
  • how many concerns there have been recently?
  • which students are not travelling well at the moment?
  • which year groups might benefit from a little more attention?
  • and so on...

You can edit the records too, eg, update Resolutions...
And you can add new observations (eg, from today's Incident Cards) here by simply clicking in the name box and selecting from the list of students in the drop down box

(c) If you are a secondary Year Coordinator you have a bonus!! You can just choose look at your year group (sorry about the rest)

For record keeping only?

Now why wouldn't you use this method all the time??? Well if you were only in the record keeping business you probably would! These forms were initially developed for office staff who were simply entering data from incident cards.

The advantage of working in an individual student view is that it encourages you to consider the student as a person and presents you will all the information about the student at the same time. That is, you have most of what you need to PLAN the most supportive response for that student. Strongly recommended!!!

The Planner provides you with a choice - you choose!!

And here is one Principal's thinking behind the choices she is making (April 2008). Marilyn Pietsch is Principal of Cowra Public School, NSW.



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