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Levels of Response

From the work undertaken by users of the Support Planner it has been possible to discern four common levels (or zones) of response to student needs. See Levels of Response


This tentative framework may be useful in terms of reviewing the school's practices, its stage of development and for planning future initiatives.


  1. Ad hoc 2. Reactive 3. Responsive 4. Proactive 5. Capacity Building
Basic concept 
and goal
Containment Deterrence Resolution Student

success & well-being

Success & well-being for all
Common outcomes 
& experiences
Re-patterned behaviour 
or rework
Power struggle 
&/or rework
Peace making 
and/or rework
Reduced need for support Improved school provision, arrangements & practices


Person on the spot Person on the spot 
and senior staff
Staff Staff, student, family & support services School, staff, student, family, support services, community & profession
Data focus Behaviour Unacceptable behaviour & consequences Inappropriate behaviour & school responses Collated concerns, capabilities, goals, trends,  contributions &  responses Areas of need & effectiveness of practices
Core strategy Correction 



Monitoring & responding Team response,

matching interventions to concerns & capacities

Sense making focused on match between needs & school practices
Time focus Past Past & present Past, present &

immediate future

Immediate past to near future Ongoing
Tools Humour, stories

complaints, timeouts,

friendship, questions


Incident cards,

rules, contracts,

timeouts, suspension...

Records, reports, 


IEPs, PSP, agreements, programs, reviews, team work Plans, team work, targeted programs,

& school development

based on summary reports

Knowledge Focus Reputations

& situation

Explanation of reaction Basis for resolution How to achieve  shared success & well-being Trends, implications & opportunities for school development



N/a Recording Monitoring

& reporting


 collaborating, and continuous improvement for student


 collaboration, and continuous improvement of school provision and practices

Workshop starter questions

1. What is our predominant level of response (and what does this communicate)?


2. What is our school / my personal response profile? Example, 15% ad hoc;30% reactive, 40% responsive; 15% proactive


3. What would we like to our profile to be by the end of the year?


4. How can we move in that direction?


5. What are our guidelines (official and unstated) for choosing the level of a response?


6. How can we build our capacity to make responses that better match the needs of our students, their families and ourselves?


7. What types of needs are attracting what levels of response from us?


8. What does this say about our purposes, values and capacity?


9. Other questions



Note: If anyone actually runs this activity I (and I think others too) would

be really interested in the outcomes. Could be very interesting!!!





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