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Punchbowl: Denise Hay

Time and Location of incidents 

The time and location facility is working well. The incident report form which replicates the codes in the Support Planner is essential: makes it easy to enter the data. the value of having this is to essentially be able to map problem spots/times with ease....always a useful piece of information for duty implications.

Ravenswood Heights Craig Woodfall

Coding Needs  We have begun using the Needs element of the database and have rated students on the following needs:

  • Learning
  • Behavioural
  • Welfare
  • Social
  • Disability

We have assumed that all students have primary needs and have only entered ratings for those 

  • Rating 3 - At Risk 
  • Rating 4 - those of Serious Concern

Hence we can now pull out lists such as 

  • Behaviour of Serious Concern - B4 or 
  • Learning at Risk - L3 ...or 
  • All welfare concerns - W

It has already been surprising how many instances this information has proved useful ie extra transition available for social / behavioural needs - refer to the list!!
Our next challenge is to moderate the list within the school and set some determining factors as to what constitutes a 3 or a 4. A Rubric will do this nicely.


Southern Launceston Cluster Helene Boyer

Supporting schools  We continue to encourage consistent use of the Planner across the cluster in our visits to schools and now that we have remote access, its opening up more possibilities for working closely together in a timely manner

The Goal field When working with schools to support particular students we put something in this field as a starting point. This then gives an opportunity to have a discussions within the school support team as to whether this is the right goal and what might be the focus of intervention.


Young Town Mario Bergamin

The Support Matrix. This tool provides a framework to view all support interventions in the school at a glance: great tracking tool and also for unearthing tasks that are not done or missed. The feature allows us to view past days and determine if support interventions have been undertaken. A very good tool for accountability. This will now be a tool for meetings with support staff and to track the progress of interventions.
Yellow incident forms are consistent with Support Planner therefore allowing a consistent approach between our teaching and learning expectations/practices and data gathering, entry and finally use of data to inform our decision making for enhancing student support.
Our 'Frequent Flyers'.  Data also allows us to track the improvements and success of Frequent Flyer students. The Planner is used for positive reinforcement - specifically focusing on decreases in frequency, duration and intensity of behaviour.



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