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Preparing for next year

Suggestion: The school's Year 7 coordinator for next year may need to know about this webpage.

It starts with conversations

 "Information needs context, and that can only safely be provided by a variety of perspectives and interpretation." - Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge (ex IBM)


A few clusters are beginning conversations around passing on information for 2007 and as you can imagine there is a range of possibilities: so it is well worth a conversation or two.

Many people think that the more data the better - it sounds like a great idea to simply pass on everything (just in case!!). However I think there is a better way.

It will be important to keep in mind that
- only people have knowledge and that
- knowledge has to be continually constructed and reconstructed by people
- people need knowledge in order to be able to act.

So here are four key questions:

Q1. What actions will the receiving school take in 2007 to help ensure the success and well-being of its new students?

Q2. What knowledge will they need and what conversations and data will help them to construct this knowledge?

Q3. What can/will the sending schools contribute?

Q4. How can the agreed transfer of knowledge AND data be managed in a way that is easy and beneficial to all concerned?

Important notes:

1. . Knowledge and data are fundamentally different.
2..  Knowledge is transferred (reconstructed) in conversations
3.  Transferring data without a conversation is not recommended!! It hasn't worked well in the past and there is no reason to think it will in the future). See also Dave Snowden's quote above.

Looking forward  to hearing about the conversations that develop. It would be great if clusters share their strategies/processes as they are developed so that other clusters consider all the possibilities.





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