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Need an brief introductory or refresher workshop?

If you want to be clearer about

  • how the Planner works
  • the thinking behind it 
  • the possible uses of one or two aspects of the Planner
  • possible next steps
  • ...

then some new options are now available by phone.


There are several possibilities including

  • one-to-one coaching
  • short introductory workshop
  • staff meeting presentation
  • senior staff review of how support operates within the school
  • planning the next use of the Planner in your school
  • ...


During the workshops, you will need

  • Speaker (conference) phone
  • Access to the internet
  • Access to your school's Planner
  • The introductory PowerPoint (downloaded from here)
  • Data projector for a group workshop

May be able to include the use of video conferencing (Skype or Elluminate)


  • Brief workshops will be given free to the first five schools (development/experimental stage)
  • Subsequent workshops (negotiable)
    • $33 (inc GST) for half an hour
    • $55 (inc GST) for up to one hour and proportional for longer sessions
    • You phone when ready


Due to other commitments the most convenient times are during the following times

  • Mondays         3 to 5 pm
  • Tuesdays         2 to 5 pm
  • Wednesdays    2 to 5 pm
  • Thursday          any times

To propose some dates and times click here


At this stage this proposal is experimental and developmental... but that has been a feature of the Planner's ongoing development.




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