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Parent-teacher meetings

To be successful these meetings need to be well informed conversations to construct the required knowledge, arrangements and actions that will enable the student to achieve greater success and well-being!!!

Many schools use reports (information) from the Planner to prepare for Parent Teacher meetings, but...

At least one school (West Launceston)  has begin using the Planner to ensure that significant information and commitments from the Parent Teacher conversations are captured in the Planner to help ensure the success of the student.

It is probably easier if teachers have write access to the Planner and add or update information such as

1. History - eg, change of family arrangements, recently diagnosed medical conditions...

2. Alerts - eg, allergies, legal arrangements

3. Goal - if revised in discussions

4. IS Plan - eg, add everyday contributions from home revise details and include parent suggestions

5. Observations - include parent comments and/or other insights, eg,

20/5 P/tr - Mum please with overall progress"
20/5 P/tr - Father concerned about spelling and speech"

6. Support Actions - eg,

15/7 Review and discussion spelling with family CT, PT
1/7 Review success of communication book strategy CT, PT
1/6 Possible Speech assessment? (P/tr discussions) CT, MT, SP
21/6 Develop medical plan (diabetes) MT, CT, PT

7. Performance/needs ratings - update as required

Other school may already be using this or similar practice - please share your experience with other users.



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