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Getting more from the Planner

The following tables provide an overview of what is involved in sound governance and management.


1. Sound governance - preparing to use the Planner

The following steps will help ensure that the use of the Planner can be fully integrated into the life and work of the school


Coordinator Leadership


Teaching Staff Support Professionals
Acquire or rollover Planner Agree disclaimer

Consult widely

Communicate hopes/needs:

- for support

- to be able to provide support

Check setup:

files and




data quality

Establish school needs/goals

re Planner

Agree purposes, principles, processes, terminology, routines...

Develop in-school practices and provide training

to make things easier (first) & better for all


2. Sound management - using the Planner well

The following steps will help ensure successful use of the Planner based on


                                    Learn - Do - Improve


Coordinator Leadership


Teaching Staff Support Professionals
Provide materials, training

and support

  Learn about

  • Data: history, alerts, needs, goals, observations and actions, timetables, agreements, contacts...
  • Individual Support Plans
  • Reports
  Do (in-school practices using the Planner)
  • Monitor students' need for support
  • Gather and link data
  • Confer with others  to make sense of the data
  • Agree on goals and commitments
  • Provide students with informed support to achieve goals
  • Monitor & share knowledge & experiences
  • Go to the beginning
  • School purposes, practices and arrangements... (more)
  • the Planner (more)


3. Service fees (including GST) - negotiable

New Planner  (more information) $165 includes

  • The Planner with all students loaded (data provided by school)
  • Up to 1 hour phone coaching (school covers cost of phone call)


Upgrades (more information)

  • From Version 3 to Version 4 -  $55.00
  • From Version 2 to Version 4 -  $82.50


Rollovers  $82.50 includes

  • Upgrade to latest version
  • Placements updated (data provided by school)
  • New students added (data provided by school)


Workshops may be free to LSN-PBS schools


For other schools:

  • By phone -  $55 per hour
  • Onsite
    • Staff meetings - $110 to  $165
    • Half day  - $ 275 to $330
    • Whole day - $550
  • Travel considerations may add to the cost


Website -  free access to useful material

  • for understanding the potential of the Planner
  • for supporting professional and school development


Discussion list  - free access

  • keep in touch with, and contribute to, ongoing development of the Planner and associated practices
  • requires users email address...see more information on the User Group website.





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