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Information Process (Summerdale)

  • Define – what do I really want to know?
  • Locate – where can I find what I need?
  • Select – what data do I really need?
  • Gather – how can I bring it together
  • Organize – how can I make it easy to use?
  • Present – how can I make it available?
  • Assess – what am I learning from this?

Quality of data

Quality data is readily placed in context so that it  informs (is readily integrated into) ongoing conversations and processes such as monitoring, planning, reporting & accountability…


Depends on many factors

  • Currency
  • Accuracy
  • Completeness
  • Significance (meaning)
  • Usefulness  - is timely and can be applied
  • Accessibility - can be extracted for other purposes
  • Findability - can be easily found

Improving data quality

 The quality of data is enhanced by its widespread and systematic use... corrections are made, gaps filled, trends are identified and are made explicit...


To improve the quality of the data

  • use the data extensively and widely
  • engage others with the data in
  • gathering
  • entry
  • organizing
  • presenting 
  • considering




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