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Improving the Planner

Schools adopt the Planner in order to improve their own support practices.

The Planner has been developed collaboratively over several years  in response to needs and possibilities identified by schools.

Recent improvements

The following improvements will be included in any future version but were not included in recent rollovers

  • Website hyperlink on Main Menu: link to Site Index (currently links to site homage)
  • Observations view: students to appear in order by surname and given name)
  • Observations view to open with the Observations tab (currently opens with IS Plan)
  • Review Class view to open with Observations 30 days view (currently IS Plan)


Note: Your school may have IT support people who are confident to make these changes. For someone with sound basic knowledge of MSAccess they are not major changes. They will make a backup before making any changes.

Suggested improvements

The following improvements have been suggested but are unlikely to be included in the next version (mainly for technical reasons). It is possible that these suggestions will be considered for the StIMS replacement.

  • Colour code positive and negative observations (Scottsdale High staff member)
  • More graphs as summaries of data (Young Town Primary)

Suggest improvements

The Planner has been continuously improved from insights into

  • how people actually use/operate the Planner
  • and what they are trying to achieve.

That is, improvements come from observing everyday activity and experience related to the Planner.


What improvements can you suggest from your own everyday activities and experiences?


Email your possible improvements to the discussion group for consideration and response from other users.





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