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Network Issues

Some schools experience problems from time to time. These can include the Planner crashing and needing to be repaired.

Improve reliability & performance - Split the Planner!?!?

Larger schools using extensive (wireless) networks sometimes have problems with the Planner (and other applications).
One way to improve its performance and reliability is to split the database.
This is almost always a task for an IT professional, and will need to be done when no one is actually using the Planner.
For instructions go to Split an Access database.
I would suggest that
- the backend be called SupportPlanner2012_Data.accdb
- the front end be called SupportPlanner2012_User.accdb
If a user has a crash it is likely to just involved his/her part of the system and the data will be uneffected. And it will be fixed by simply giving the user a new front end.
There are two ways to distribute front ends
- put a front end on all staff desktops
- provide selected staff with front ends
The original Planner should be made Read-Only and stored elsewhere just in case.
If your school tries this, I will be interested in you subsequent experiences.




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