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Learning together

The following resources have been made available by other users of the Support Planner. Sharing resources can help us all learn together. Feel free to use the resources below and please consider sharing your resources.

Don't be modest - there is someone else who can benefit from what you have already learned !!

Shared resources

To get your own copy

  • Click on the resource to see the original
  • Click on the provider to send an email with comments or questions


Resource Provider Description
Codes sheet (7-10) KMHS (Sharon Woodberry) Includes resolutions, alerts, time, location, clever coding....
Codes sheet (K-6) WLPS (Leanne Cameron) A set of codes developed over three years
Incident Card Youngtown (Mario Bergamin) A comprehensive card that matches YTPS practices
Incident Form Punchbowl (Denise Hay) An easy-to-use form that captures location, time, resolutions....
ISP Quick Planner Ivan Includes current Goal and up to 5 everyday ISP Actions
ISP Planner Ivan More detailed ISP planning proforma
Introduction workshop Ivan Introducing ISP and the Planner to staff
Coaching conversations Perth (Sally Milbourne) Coaching questions for use  in conversations with students

Sharing your resources

There is a rainbow of incident cards in use in schools and also lots of other documents for capturing data and making plans, reports... Unfortunately Yahoo Groups no longer supports email attachments so this page is an alternative way of sharing these valuable resources.


To share your electronic resources just

and I will add them to this page

Experiences, Strategies and Questions

These can be shared by sending an email to this list. The email address is  and there is a short cut on the Main Menu of the Planner.

Off-line communication

Finally, if you click Reply to an email from the discussion list it goes to everyone on the list and not just to the person who sent it. But ... not all communication has to take place through the discussion list. You choose. You can find the sender's individual email address in the email you receive


To ask a question, request or share an item with a specific other person just communicate directly using their individual DoE email address. But consider what other members of the group may learn from your exchange.





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