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The latest version is Support Planner 4.2 (February 2010)  This page updated for Version 4 of the Planner


Version 4 improvements

1. Student Records

  • Three views for direct structured access to data to enable users to
    • Support a Student
    • Review a Class
    • Review ISPs
  • Individual current Goal for focusing the support provided to each student
  • Tick boxes to indicate that the students
    • has an Individual Support Plan
    • arrangements are in place to Monitor the students on a daily basis

2. The MAPS Support Cycle

The tabs in each student record are set up to match the four steps in the MAPS cycle (see above)


Monitor tab

  • What's happening - all observations for the past 30 days
  • Weekly check - results on daily monitoring as gathered using the weekly checklist
  • Incident Only - all recorded incidents (remember incident involve place and time
  • All Observations - all observations on any kind


Analyse tab

  • Functional summary -  the results of analysing the student's strengths weaknesses, needs....


Plan tab

  • Support Plan (ISP) - the everyday actions that are in place to support the student


Support tab - arrange and act

  • Support Actions - all support actions (except those that make up the ISP)
  • Agreements: agreements between the school, student (and family) to manage a particular need, eg, Return to School
  • Timetable: used to record exceptions to the student's regular timetable, special schedules and arrangements for individual students eg, Thursday 'Spanners'
  • Contacts: capture key contacts for support and who is providing support

3. New Support Reports including

  • A customisable Daily Report form ...  likely to be very useful in secondary schools
  • Unresolved Issues - allows easy monitoring and follow-up
  • ISP Weekly Checklist -  provides teachers with reminders and prompts to agreed everyday support actions for students in their roll class. Data gathered is used to monitor the progress of students with  Individual Support Plans
  • ISP Weekly Results produces a day by day summary of the student's performance against the goal
  • Students with ISPs - lists of students  by year and class with current ISPs and the goals
  • All current ISPs - provides class lists of students with current ISPs (ISPlan box ticked) with details of the goal, performance/needs ratings and ISP details

4.  Other enhancements include

  • Much better linking and management of associated documentation (letters to parents, IEPs,... plus one-click access to templates)
  • Inclusion of a student goal: what it is that the school is hoping to achieve with the student
  • Much clearer presentation of dates (at no extra efforts in data entry incidents will show days to reveal possible patterns)
  • Very easy time and location coding to reveal/confirm patterns in incidents: problem areas; difficult relationships...
  • Direct access for class teachers (a Teacher view that shows only the students in their roll class)
  • Much faster bulk entry of incidents (for grade level leaders and admin support staff)
  • An easy tracking sheet for roll class teachers
  • The capacity to collect and organise staff and parent Resources (files, references, links to websites...) associated with particular areas of need, e.g., bullying, Asperger's....

5. Placements

  • A whole new section that allows student placements for next year to be managed easily and well
  • Incorporates student ratings (if entered)
  • See Placements for process details

6. Want to learn more?

Check out the introductory PowerPoint (view on this website, download or view in full screen from Google.)




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