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1. Adding in new enrolments

Q: (Mick) Have discovered that some recent enrolments have not been included - as we have started the transitioning process on 05 version -do I enter them at the end of bulk placements.

Answer: Once again a matter of judgement - from time to time (eg, once of twice each week you may use the procedure on the Bulk Placements page to load students who have been entered in SACS but not in Student Support. This is the best approach because it helps keep SACS and Student Support (let's hope the replacement for SACS will include the functionality that is in Student Support.

2. Adding ratings

Q: (Mick) I have a TA entering our student ratings -do they also go into bulk placements?

Answer: No, use the Student Ratings form (direct link from the main page)

3. Generating placement strips

Q: (Mick) Will I be able to generate current (o4) class lists with ratings to be cut into strips for our class placement process ( next Mon) from this partly transitioned stage??

Answer: Good question! This is a once only problem because you want to use 04 ratings in what is now an 05 database. Next year you will have 05 ratings data that will be copied in the roll-over process to 06

My suggestions

  • enter the ratings in the 04 database (this will give you a more comprehensive record of 04 data for historical purposes - it captures the students' performance at the end of 04 - this will not be subject to change)
  • then phone me or Craig when done and one of us will talk you through copying the 04 ratings data into the 05 database
  • you can print the class lists for the strips from the 04 database (I suggest you enlarge class lists to A3 to make the strips easier to handle)
  • are you aware you can get Post-It note glue?

4. Data entry / editing

Q: (Anon.) How can we make data entry as easy as possible

Answer: Some of the forms (eg, Student Ratings...) allow you to enter data into table (like Excel spreadsheets) but they are a bit different

  • you can select and drag columns to change their order (can't do this in Excel)
  • you can sort columns A->Z is ascending and Z->A is descending (see toolbar buttons)
  • you can sort several columns at the same time (click in the column headings) - getting the order right makes work with the data much easier, eg, class, surname, given name... or Lit, Num Behaviour...
  • Access sorts the selected left column first, ...
  • The more you work with the data the better it will get.

5. Data from one year to the next

Q: (Mick) If we enter in the 04 DB I assume I wont be able to deliver that as filter on our new classes?

Answer: Not immediately because they are two different databases - but the transfer of the data is an easy two minute task (call me when ready). and then you can use it in the relation to the 05 classes including class stats. A bit messy but definitely a one-off!!

6. No stats - error message about Jet database...

Q: (CraigT) When I try to access any statistics, in Support Reports for example, I get an error message about a Jet Database and I'm unable to access any stats. How do we resolve this?

Answer: I will need hands on with this one - I am not sure if it is a data problem, a software problem or a db design problem. When convenient choose a evening and follow the 'Package and Post for Repairs' routine (see below)

7. 'Package and Post for Repairs' routine

(Ivan) Sometimes you may need to send a copy of your database in for repairs:

  • alert the intended recipient that it is on its way
  • Open the db and go top tool bar: Tools / Database Utilities/Compact and
  • Repair (click) (A good thing to do from time to time since access dbs grow and become unwieldy)
  • find the actual db file: if you are not sure just where it is on your network just right click on the shortcut / Properties/ (shortcut tab) / Find Target (click)
  • right click / Zip & email and so on...

8. Adding others to the discussion list

(Ivan) Feel free to add others to the discussion list, especially those who might work with you on the db itself. Just get them to send a blank email to Note: this needs to be sent FROM their own usual email address since this is how Yahoo recognises members!!






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