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Things to consider

The database itself is a tool and is only a small part of the activity system in which it is used (see the Activity System diagram below).

Activity System model


  • The tool (database) is used to mediate the activities in supporting students in the school. It also produces signs (screen views of data, reports...) that also mediate these activities.
  • The prime activity is decision making about supportive arrangements for students, their teachers and families, that is, 
  • People and teams (subjects) who have to make decisions about the purposes and practices of student support  use of the database to manage data and convert it into information. Together with sound judgement this information can lead to knowledge as a basis of decision making. 
  • These purposes and practices are agreed  across the community of users and implemented on the basis of some rules (usually understandings and guidelines).  These may include agreements on the terminology that will be used (databases capture data by using terms).
  • The activities involved in supporting the success of teachers and students working together includes identifying roles in order to achieve a helpful division of effort that will  integrate use of the database into current in-school practices within the life and  work of the school.
  • The outputs of the activities using the database need to contribute to the success and well-being of teachers and students working together by contributing to understanding and meaning.


Expanding the task

Then is the matter of achieving consistency across schools!


Getting the database installed and operational is only 10% of the task.



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