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This website has been created for users of Ivan Webb's

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Key questions

  • Where is the critical knowledge that will help ensure the success and well-being of each and every student?

Answer: Mostly in the hearts and minds of the student and those who have worked, or are working, with the student.  And a very small percentage, exists in filing cabinets somewhere .

  • How might this knowledge be acquired, aggregated, organized and presented to better inform those who are working, and will work with, each student?

Answer: The Support Planner has been developed as a partial answer to these key questions

The Support Planner is a tool for planning, managing and monitoring support for students and those who work with them. It also allows users to gather information around the student's need for support; to monitor progress and focus school development initiatives.


Note: Information on this site may not exactly match your school's current version of the Planner because of on-going development

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   Enquiries including how to acquire the Planner

Email to


Phone     03 6331 5413     or     0408 465 305

Schools are complex places. The ways in which a school acts to support its students activities involved are the outcomes of conversations. Capturing key data to inform these conversations may be made easier by the use of a suitable tool. 


User comments

This is the best tool ever     - Speech Pathologist


It certainly has transformed what we are doing and how we go about student management. 

We actually know for the first time where we are all going!    -  High School AP


The Planner was working really well - it makes it possible for us to carry out what we are doing much more efficiently. It also allowed us to use the data in more useful ways.  -  District High AP


This is what StIMS should have been.    IMB staff member


One of the things that I love about the Planner is this sharing of our practice. -  Primary Principal


One scenario - check out your interest

To see if the Support Planner might offer you and those with whom you work something of value take ten minutes to work through this scenario with a colleague or two (or just by yourself).

About this site

This site is designed to help you 

  • Think systematically about using data to support students, their teachers and families
  • Learn about databases and how they can help you plan and manage support actions
  • Acquire the Support Planner for use in your school
  • Assign roles and develop procedures to that end
  • Learn from the experiences of other current users

Underlying concepts

The concepts underlying the development of the Student Support Planner are that


1.  The Planner is best used as

  • a communication device (rather than a record keeping device), and
  • an index of what there is to know.


2.  The aim is help ensure the success and well-being of all involved:

  • students,
  • their teachers,
  • their families
  • other school staff members
  • ...


3.  The goal is to reduce the need for student support by providing informed and timely support


4.  The tools may be used to capture, organize and communicate key information to inform successful actions


5.  Important Notes

  • The data does not become information until it enters into conversations between those involved

  • And in these conversations knowledgeactions, and arrangements are being continually constructed (and reconstructed).