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The following process outlines the tasks involved in the teaching and learning process.  It assumes a highly collaborative working relationship between the teacher and learner.  


In the sense that it is used here, the word 'learning' refers to 
    (a) the process of learning as used by the learner
    (b) and the learning (outcomes) achieved by the learner

In each step of the process both aspects of learning are considered. 


It is important that the learner is aware of his/her learning achievements and the processes that he/she used in order to make these achievements. In the process of (mediated) learning the learner is the active agent. 


In less collaborative, more controlling teaching processes there is greater separation of functions, i.e., some of the tasks will be exclusively the responsibility of one party or the other. This tends to assume that the teacher is the active agent (contrary to most educational psychologists, including Piaget) and that the student is simply being processed in order to generate learning outcomes.


For example, in a course based teacher directed program, 

  • the selection of focus and content will have occurred elsewhere and by others before the teaching and learning begin
  • the checking on prior learning may be ignored or left entirely to the learner
  • observation, recording & reflection may be exclusively done by the teacher independent of the learner
  • and so on ...

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