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Processes are the ways things get done, the ways to achieve our purposes. Processes are about who does what tasks (and when). This compares with resources which are the means available to help ensure that things can be done.

Being able to articulate a process enables people to work together to solve problems and make improvements.  For example, a government school system might operate as per the following overall process:


Each element in a process represents a possible opportunity for both problems and improvements.


Flowcharts (as above) are a good way to specify processes because they enable the flow of activity to be shown.  Please consider the flow of activity as indicated by the arrows and what they might mean in your school.


The second best way to specify processes is to use a table. Please note the dimensions in this table (who and when). A 'flowchart' that makes it easy to see who does what & when is called a deployment flowchart because it 'deploys' particular tasks to particular people.


See also an outline of the mediated learning process

It is important to gather observe and gather data about the process as it happens.


What frameworks does your school use to gather data?