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This Action Plan has two overlapping dimensions

  • The operation of the school made efficient & effective through sound governance 
  • The improvement of the school through improved governance that makes it  easier for everyone to do well


model: school improvement, governance & operation


Step 1 - Implement good governance  to get the school working well for all concerned (that is, stabilise the system). This also contributes strongly and naturally to quality assurance. 
Note: quality assurance is not a separate function ... more

Step 2 - Improve the school (continuously and forever)

  • Align activities (timing, resources, style & content...) to make it easier for everyone to do well
  • Refine the activities so that they work better and easier for everyone
  • Re-design the activities so that they are even more effective (change only as last resort)

Core strategy: Principals and others 

  • work ON the school (its purposes, systems and processes) 
  • WITH the help of the people in the school.


Implementing the core strategies requires some different understandings

  • The fundamentals of a systems approach
  • A clear understanding of how to lead an organisation in which people work together
  • The value and importance of making things easier first
  • A way to start without lurching into a whole new mindset and causing disruption to the school
  • What happens as we begin to implement good governance and continuous improvement
  • What happens as we move on

The almost universally accepted alternative is flawed. The most commonly used strategies are about the school system working ON the teachers so that they work ON the students. 


We don't work ON people!!   We work WITH people!! 


We work ON systems and processes to make it easier for the people to be successful - this means that we have to work WITH the people in the systems.

This is a paradigm shift and most people struggle to get their heads around it.

Have fun and do well ( this is what it is really all about ),