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Greenberg working with Feuerstein has identified 8 Tools Of Independent Learning

These tools are needed if a person is going to be an active generator of information and not just a passive recipient. The teacher assists the learner to develop and become aware of their use and value of:

  1. Inner Meaning: An awareness of significance to oneself that provides intrinsic motivation for learning and remembering.
  2. Self Regulation: Controlling our approach to learning by using metacognition (thinking about what you are thinking and how you are feeling) to determine factors like readiness and speed.
  3. Feeling of Competence: Knowing we have the ability to do a particular thing. Lack of this tool often results in laziness and other avoidance behaviours; presence of it results in feeling confident and motivated to learn.
  4. Goal Directed Behaviour: Taking initiative in setting, planning for, and reaching objectives on a consistent basis.
  5. Self Development: Being aware of our uniqueness as an individual and working toward becoming all we can be.
  6. Sharing Meaning: Communicating thoughts to ourself and others in a manner that makes the implicit explicit.
  7. Acceptance of Challenge: Being aware of the effects emotions have on novel, complex, and consequently difficult tasks; knowing how to deal with challenge.
  8. Awareness of Self Change: Knowing that we change throughout life and learning to expect, nurture, and benefit from it.