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Glasser's view

For learning to be a quality (ie, delightful now and in the future experience) the learner must experience a sense of being be 'in control' of his/her learning. 


Feuerstein would add to this that the learner must have an awareness of several aspects of his/her learning:

  • what has been learned
  • that what has been learned is of value
  • how it was learned
  • how the new knowledge or skill might be used in a new situation some time in the future
  • how the newly acquired process of learning might be applied in new learning situations


A learner who experiences a sense of achievement, insight into that  achievement and how it might enhance his/her life has indeed had a quality learning experience.


The model below has been derived from Glasser's Control Theory and when read with some understanding of Feuerstein's notions about learning it may be useful in that it includes some key elements that are essential if a teacher wishes to mediate learning.