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Drawing on previous learning it is possible for a learner to make sense of (and learn from) his/her present experiences without direct assistance.


However in an increasingly complex and changing world the efficiency and effectiveness of isolated learning can be greatly enhanced through the mediation of a ‘teacher/leader’. Such mediation may be formal as in a lesson or informal as in a wide range of social situations. 

A teacher may mediate the following aspects of a learner’s endeavours:

  1. Intent: the teachers promotes focus on purposes & particular inputs
  2. Reciprocation: the learner engages with the task and its purposes and with the teacher who is mediating the learning experience
  3. Meaning: brings out the significance of the task to the learner now & in the future
  4. Transcendence links ideas, activities & learning achievements with present & future needs of the learner
  5. Competence assists the learner to a knowledge and sense of having been successful in reality
  6. Self Regulation (& control of behaviour) enables the learner to undertake systematic and appropriate activity
  7. Sharing: meets the intrinsic need of the learner for interdependence & belonging
  8. Individuation: fosters a sense of uniqueness & diversity in the learners
  9. Goal Planning enhances the learner’s understanding & use of processes for goal setting & task completion
  10. Challenge promotes determination & enthusiasm to cope with novel & complex tasks now & in the future
  11. Self-Change promotes awareness in the learner of the potential, importance and value of change.

On the other hand there are numerous possible learning dysfunctions that impede achievements in the above.

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