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Connections:   Students and the School

To be able to contribute (utilise one's knowledge and skills) and benefit one needs knowledge of the existing systems and culture in which one is participating.

One also needs to attend to one's personal systems


For systems to operate effectively and efficiently the people working in the systems required the necessary knowledge & skills and and it is necessary that they share the prevailing culture

The curriculum is a major part of each school's attempt to ensure every students' success


The students need to be successful is in the school's curriculum.  A successful curriculum will attend to those things that will help ensure the students are successful in the curriculum


Participation in the curriculum

  1. Make students ready for participation & success
  2. Expect and enable participation & prevent failure
  3. Intervene to overcome obstacles to participation
  4. Utilise contingencies when participation is not possible
  5. Continually improve the curriculum to achieve the above

Each student's participation in the curriculum is a matter the match between his/her

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Systems
  • Culture

and those of the School itself.