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Extending Resources


In times of shortages and cutbacks it is necessary to extend the resources we already have. The first strategy should be to reduce waste befoer cutting back on the good things we do.  Cutting back on waste releases resources.


One of the main ways to extend resources is to save on rework.


Rework is necessary when our efforts fail or go wrong in other ways - all or part of the work must be done again or simply abandoned as a failure.


Rework is waste!!


The following diagram may be helpful in analysing six common reasons for failure

  • Wrong person - it should be someone else's task
  • Wrong inputs - incorrect information, advice or instructions...
  • Wrong equipment/tools - not suited to the task
  • Wrong time - not when the tasks should be done
  • Wrongs steps - errors in  the actual process
  • Wrong outcome - not really what is needed


It also suggests the aspects that might be addressed to prevent recurrences of the problems in future attempts at the same task.






Rework is only part of the cost of schooling

The total cost of better schools:

COST = Prevention + Inspection + Rework + Failure + Waste + Stress


Follow this link for more on COSTS.