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Reports available in the Support Planner

The following report are available (subject to data entered) - printer friendly version


SUPPORT REPORTS Description Enter
Support Provider - to do Lists outstanding tasks for a support provider Code for Support Provider, eg, GO
Provider - Activity Report List all tasks for a support provider since date entered Starting date, Code for Support Provider, eg, GO
Provider Stats Statistics on Support Provider activity since date entered Starting date, Code for Support Provider, eg, GO
Class Support - to do Class lists showing support actions outstanding for each student Class name, eg, 5/6C
Class Support Histories Class lists showing all support actions for each student Class name
Class Histories Class lists showing the History of each child in the class Class Name
Class Student Goals Class lists showing the current goals for each student Class Name
Current Agreements/Plans Listing of uncompleted Agreements Year, eg, 09
Agreements - Class Lists Class list showing uncompleted Agreements or plans Class Name
Student Support Contacts Listing of support arranged as contacts Class, Contact Role, eg Medn
Class Ratings Class lists showing ratings, suitable for updating Class or all
Reading Levels Class lists sorted by reading level Class or all
Current Codes Lists codes currently entered into the Planner n/a
Roles and Programs Lists A weekly checklist of students receiving programmed support, eg medication dosages and times n/a
Transition report A set of summary reports of student moving to new class/school Next class or school
Meeting Report Lists all outstanding support actions up to 60 days ahead Class or all
Mtg Report 30/60 All support actions completed in past 30 days and outstanding up to  60 days ahead  Class or all
Cluster Support As above for students receiving Cluster Support (CS/ in Alert field) Class or all
Alerts Listing of Alerts with  Alert Contains,  eg, CO 
ES Weekly Checklist Class lists for all students receiving Positive Support Planning Class name or all
ES Results - Variable ISP results for particular students or classes Days previous
ES Results 3 or 4 Lists students with some daily results of 3 or 4 Days previous
Needs & Levels Lists of students with particular Needs Need code &/or level
Needs by Class Lists of students with any need (by class) Class or year code 
Incidents - Today Lists Incidents that happened today as name suggests
Incidents - Yesterday As name suggests
Observations  - Variable Lists Incidents/Concerns during the past (chosen) number of days Days past  (calendar days)
No Concerns - Variable Class lists of students without recoded incidents/concerns Days past (calendar days)
Observations - Day and class As above but for a particular class Class and Days Past
Observations - Two weeks As name suggests
Individual Incidents - variable days Lists Incidents for a student over past (chosen) number of days Surname and Days Past
Unresolved Incidents As name suggests - good for follow through Calendar year or all
Types -  last 60 days Incidents statistics chosen Type in last 60 days Type of observation, e.g. 'DW'.
Types - date range Incidents statistics chosen Type within a date range Type of observation, beginning & end dates
Observations - date range Statistics for chosen Type for a chosen date range Type of observation, beginning & end dates
Observations by Type Statistics for chosen Type in last N days Type of incident, no. of days past
Observation Descriptions Statistics by description (including clever codes) Search for (text), eg, 'stone'
Observation Resolutions Statistics by description (including clever codes) Search for (text), eg, /TO
Location & Times: 'L:T' Statistics on incident Locations & times (if coded) Days past



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