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In each Student Record there is a field called 'Alerts' (just under History)


This can be used to prompt database Users to consider particular information as 
they deal with any situation involving the student.


Examples: you can enter cryptic notes into this field and it is always visible when looking at this student.


1. "CO/mp" might mean there is a restraining order (CO/ = court order) on the father (mp=male parent) 
    who should not be allowed contact with the student


2. "CS/" might mean cluster support - this feeds the Cluster support report that lists all support actions 

    for the student in the past 60 days and scheduled for the next 60 days


3. "A/safety" might mean that there is an Agreement (A/ = agreement) that is supporting the 
    student to work towards improving their personal safety and more information is available by 
    clicking the Agreements tab where the agreement might be summarised


4. "TT" might mean there are details of the days and times (TT = timetable) when 
     medication may be provided to that this student. More information would be available 
     by clicking the Timetable tab where the details would be stored


5. "Temp with GM" might mean that this student is temporarily living (H=home) 
     with Grandma (GM= grandmother)


6. "Verbal messages only" might mean that the parent(s) can not to deal with written messages


Using these codes will enable users to collate data very easily, eg, identified all students

 who are involved with restraining orders almost at the click of a button (that is another tutorial)


Note 1: if the User can't make sense of the note then, at least they know there may be something 

to be checked out before progressing with the student.


As you can see, using just a few letters can bring important information to the attention of 

database Users dealing with a particular student. Another feature is that the information is much 

more meaningful to approved users than to casual (over the shoulder) observers.


Note 2: Users can bulk manage these Alerts by clicking on the Staff Alerts button on 

the Main menu page. The school has to develop its own coding system (probably easier than 

you think and well worth the effort).


The Alerts facility could well save a lot of effort in keeping key people in the school fully informed 

(as if that is actually possible) and even more importantly it helps prevent serious errors being made

because of ignorance! Hope this helps... more soon



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