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Using the Planner to help ensure everyone’s success

Help ensure that current key information will be available to next year's teachers.

Note: It would be great to do this as a collaborative effort between Teacher and a partner (e.g., senior staff person).

Suggested teacher tasks (if applicable)... will depend on the student and teachers

Use the Review Class button on the main page and enter class name (these can be printed from the Edit Class form - button on the right hand side of main menu).

1. ISP: tick this box if the student has, or needs, an individual support plan of any kind (IEP, mobility plan,....)

2. Monitor: tick the box if the student needs to be monitored on a daily basis

3. History: Add a little history

4. Ratings: check needs ratings - edit if necessary.
Nb. Think more in terms of Needs rather than performance... our least well performing students easily need 4X as much support as our most able students

5. Need: add in (or update) any identified need - see the Needs list on the Planner website, or use the School’s own list.

6. Alert: add in any alert - court orders, serious medical conditions, constraints in relation to contacting family,...

7. Goal:  update the current or next important goal to be achieved to help ensure the success and well-being of the student

8. Support Actions: check that key support actions that may be required are entered, e.g., GO or Speech Assessments

9. Everyday Support: for the highest needs students (probably with an existing IEP or similar) summarise the everyday things being done, or to be done, to support the student using the IS Plan tab on the student's form.

10. Observations: add in a positive observation in What’s Happening

This will be an excellent start to bringing your Planner up to date. It will also be helpful in having teachers reflect on their students' achievements and needs prior to undertaking end of year reporting. Data entry can be more than a clerical activity - at its best it will promote the construction, sharing and communication of knowledge.




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