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It is essential that a clearly identified person who can act on behalf of the school exercises stewardship of the data.

Data entry

Data entry is usually not a separate clerical task: it is best done by some of the people who will use the data and as soon as possible. This is made easier by the fact that data can be entered in small amounts and in abbreviated and cryptic forms.


Playground incident cards amy be an exception: they can be entered as a clerical task IF they have been seen by  someone who can make an informed judgement about their significance.


Regular users of the data will spot errors and gaps that a 'data entry' person will not notice. Users will also recognise things that need attention before they become urgent.


The data is part of the story of the students and their need for supportive intervention. The more the data is worked with the better its quality will become.

Users need data access

But access to information does not necessarily mean that people should have direct access to the database. Giving everyone access is likely to be inefficient and puts the data at risk. So...

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