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Restorative Undertakings

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Many levels

As always there are several levels at which we function according to the significance of events and the current context.

Some schools are beginning to use the Agreements component of the Planner to record and monitor significant Restorative Undertakings such as those that are part of the outcomes of a Restorative Conference.
The Planner can be helpful in managing the documentation
Your school might like to try the following...

1. Recording the Conference and Agreement

1.1. Go to the student's record that there has been a Restorative Conference under the students What's Happening tab, examples"
  • Make a new entry like:      1/7/10  Restorative Conference following incident on 26-Jun
  • Or against the particular incident record put RC/ 1-Jun  in the Resolution field, 


1.2  Now select the Agreements tab
1.3   Enter the details, for example,


1.4 Click on the Agreements button to print the Agreement (sample here) ready for signing and

2. Informing other staff:

To print out all current agreements for the information of staff, you can use the following reports on the Reports page of the Planner

  • The Current Agreements/Plans report will give lists by Year group - suggested for secondary schools
  • The Agreements - Classlists report will give lists by home groups - suggested for primary schools

3. Monitoring agreements

Review as required: click Check Agreements button on the Main Menu page for a list of all current Agreements that have not yest been completed

4. Concluding Undertakings

When a student has completed all the undertakings (OR the process has proven unsuccessful and is abandoned)

  • Update the Progress notes and tick the Completed box.
  • Add a brief observation about the outcomes (good, bad or indifferent) using the student's What's Happening tab, e.g.,
        30/07/10 All undertakings completed well and graciously; much improved cooperation and more on-task    RU       

Other suggestions?  What's working in your school?

Suggestions re alternative approaches always gratefully received. That's how the Planner has been developed and why it works fairly well.


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