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Making  Placements

Keep using the Planner as usual and 


1. Make a backup copy of your Planner!!!


2. Prepare next year's classes

  • From the Main Menu click go to the Add/Place Students
  • Edit the Next Classes table to suit the proposed next year's class structure including Left or Zgone
  • The name of the "Next Class" for students going to another school might be the name of that school


3. Enter the Next Year for students

  • Select and copy (Crtl+C) the whole of the Year column
  • Select the NextYear column
  • Paste (Ctrl+V)  this should result in the Year and NextYear columns being identical at this stage
  • Now select the NextYear column and  use Edit & Replace to adjust the data starting with the highest year, eg, a K-6 primary school would work in this order
  • 06 -> 07
  • 05 -> 06
  • 04 -> 05
  • PP->01
  • KK->PP

4. Place students in their next classes

  • In the main Placement table, use the drop box in the Next Class column to place students in their proposed next class!!


5. Checking the implications of the proposed placements

  • Various reports are available from the [Add/Place Students] form 
    • This years classes organised by their next placement - useful for checking distributions and combinations
    • Next year's classes organised by where they will come from - useful for checking combinations and balances
    • Some reports includes Ratings data and stats (if the data has been entered)
  • Various reports are also available from the Reports form, including Transition Report
  • Bulk Placements enables editing of basic student information. Follow the instructions to upload data from another source such as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Individual Placement enables you to add or edit the details of students.
  • Placement Reports provides a number of reports related to the placement of students.
  • Teacher Comments allows current teachers to add comments for consideration in making placements.
  • Student Comments allows this information to be added for consideration.

    [NB. Parent Comments can be added using the Individual Placement form].

Transition Reports

Would you like the next school or class to have an overview of each student? A Transition Report has been added to the latest version of the Planner. There are two options


(a) Individual transition reports

        - just click the Transition Report button on each student's record

        - this is the easy way to provide information on students who move during the year.

(b) Next class or next school group reports - from the Main Menu page

        -  click Reports and then click the Transition Report

        - you will be asked to nominate the select the next class of next school


The output from the reports can be in several forms

  • in hardcopy - just print and distribute or post
  • electronically for emailing
    • as a Word document - open the report and then go Tools / Office Links /Publish with MSWord
    • as a '.pdf' file (may require additional software on your computer) - this has several advantages -
      • it is difficult to tamper with the file;
      • it maintain all formatting
      • the file can be split

Rolling Over 

At the end of the year (or first thing next year): 

  • Make a copy of the Planner and rename to the original name (so that existing shortcuts work)
  • Open the Place Students form
    • copy and paste the Class column into the Previous column (this year's Class becomes next year's previous Previous class)
    • Copy and paste the Next Class column into the Class Column (this year's Next Class becomes next year's actual Class)
  • Remove Students who have left
  • Add new students

If you make a mistake start over!!

If you require assistance contact Ivan




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