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Starting out

The Planner opens up at the Main Menu. Movement between different sections of the Planner usually involves returning to the main Menu. This offers four categories of activity the Main Tools, Quick Checks and  Management Tasks.

Main Tools

The Main Tools used for entering, editing, analyzing and presenting student data and enable the user to view and work with student data



  • Observations - all information (incidents, concerns, statements...) re student, selected by surname, starting with Incidents last 30 days - indicates how the student is 'progressing'
  • Manage Support - all information re student, selected by surname, starting with Support Actions
  • Review Class - all information re students, selected by class, starting with Support Actions
  • Positive Support - all information re students who have been identified as needing to be monitored (ISP box ticked)


  • Search Observation - find all Incidents and other Observations with particular pieces of text in the Incident and/or the Resolution (see also clever coding)
  • Search Support Actions -  find all Support Actions with particular pieces of text (including clever codes)



  • Check Agreements - all information in uncompleted Agreements
  • Monitor Goals - individual current goals, organized by class (also print class lists showing current goals)


  • Reports - choose from a wide range of printouts to present organized information as selected by the user
  • Alert Staff - all alerts organised in class order (print class lists for informing staff & checking)

Quick Checks

These tools enable users to quickly do mainly mechanical, clerical tasks such as




  • Update Support  -  check on uncompleted support actions (may be useful in Support Meetings)

  • Update Concerns - check on unresolved incidents and other concerns and quickly add incidents and concerns (clerical not professional) 

  • Check Agreements - check on progress of current agreements 

  • Students Ratings - enter or update student ratings (also print out class lists showing ratings)

  • Support Matrix - reports uncompleted tasks for major support providers at an entered date (useful for monitoring, planning and understanding current workloads and demands


  • Templates - opens a folder containing various templates documents: letters, plans, incident codes...

  • Student Files - provide access to existing documentation on students


Management Tasks



  • Add/Place Students - add and place new students and update students with new placements

  • Edit Codes - provide all users with a consistent set of codes for recording support providers, incident types, resolution types

  • Edit Classes - edit, or add roll classes or home classes - important for the placement process

  • Management Tasks - provides a list of tasks in relation to the management of the Planner



This area will be completed later in 2005

  • Individual Placements
  • Preference Information
  • Teacher Comments
  • Student Comments


These may help users access help and contribute to the success of other users

  • Emails - communicate with other users or Ivan
  • Websites - browse to this website or the homepage for the Discussion Group



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