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A brief chronology of the Planner

  • Developed at Riverside Primary to better plan, manage, and monitor the provision of support to students with particular needs.
  • Data included
    • History
    • Support Actions
    • Needs ratings for all students in key areas
  • Reports for
    • Classes,
    • Support team meetings
    • Class placements....
    • Support Provider To-do lists
  • A small number of Launceston schools began using the Planner

Ongoing development of the Support Planner:  2001-2010

More schools and one support service adopt the use of the Planner: currently ~60 schools in (northern) Tasmania and NSW


Ongoing collaborative development based largely on user needs, insights and suggestions. Improvements include

  • Incidents & Resolutions
  • Contacts
  • Timetable
  • Alerts
  • Document Management
  • Agreements
  • Other Observations
  • Student Goal
  • Individual Support Plans
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Functional summary 
  • ...

and numerous reports (tools) for use with staff, students and parents 

  • Support Meeting agenda
  • Individual Support Plan
  • Parent Information
  • Transition
  • Incident Stats (various)
  • Weekly Checklist
  • ...

Related DoE actions


  • Senior Officers aware of the Planner and support its use


  • DoE commits to development of Student Support Module
  • DoE Stakeholder consultations and development of a brief for SS Module
  • Resulting brief 95% consistent with the Planner
  • That is, the Planner is effectively a prototype for what schools are hoping for.
  • Student at the Centre reorganisation of the Department
  • Redistribution of responsibilities resulted in SS Module being lost in the process
  • Student Support Module rediscovered
  • Development reactivated by senior officers and then
  • Stopped due to the Global Financial Crisis
  • New Laptops underline the technical limitations of the Planner in its current form.
  • Minister announces choice and use of software is local school decision.
  • Loss of knowledge between schools, and between schools and the system, remains a key issue
  • Schools respond seeking to have a system-wide device developed and deployed





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