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Restorative Practices and the Planner

Restorative Practices are a particular set of supportive practices provided within schools having a Restorative culture.


Resolving Incidents with Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices are about resolving harmful incidents in a way that, as much as possible,

  • repairs the harm done, and
  • restores those involved to to full and active membership of the school community.


In recording the original incident under the What's Happening tab (or the Incidents Only tab) it is appropriate to record how the incident was resolved in the Resolution field


Some simple coding makes this easy and efficient and will allow for some later statistical analysis

  • CC/  = Class circle
  • RI/   = Restorative Inquiry (early Tier 2)
  • RM/ = Restorative Meeting (Tier 2)
  • RC/ =  Restorative Conference (Tier 3)
  • RU/ =  Restorative Undertaking (Tiers 2 & 3)


Example: an Incident may include the following entry in the Resolution field:

        "RM/ went well, RU/ Josh to coach peer at bball shooting"

Support Actions

Restorative Practices are support actions in their own right and can be entered under the Support Actions tab using the following codes for the Type field


  • CC  = Class circle
  • RI   = Restorative Inquiry (early Tier 2)
  • RM = Restorative Meeting (Tier 2)
  • RC =  Restorative Conference (Tier 3)
  • RU =  Restorative Undertaking (Tiers 2 & 3)


Example:  A Restorative Conference around bullying may be recorded in the usual manner with

- the Type field having the code RC

- the Who field identifying the facilitator, eg, AP

Documenting Restorative Practices

A more detailed report may be added to the Running Record, or as a separate file in the Student Files folder hyperlinked as Restorative Conference in Reference field of the Incident record and/or the Support Action record.


Alternatively, some schools use the Agreements tab of the Support Planner to document a Restorative Meeting or Conference any agreements reached. The fact that this Planner component has a review date can help to ensure proper monitoring of outcomes occurs, undertakings are meet and proper support is provided.

Outcomes of Restorative Practices

These are simply Observations and can be entered in the What's Happening tab at any time. Once again

- the Type field is can be coded as for the Incidents (see above) or

- a more general code of RP can be used to help collate the outcomes of  all restorative practices at a later stage

Monitoring the Outcomes and Restorative Undertakings

These are important Support Actions in their own right, and may warrant separate entries under the Support Actions tab


In some situations it may to appropriate to develop or incorporate the intended outcome and undertakings into a student's Individual Support Plan. This can be particularly useful in terms of ensuring that the situation is closely monitored and the required everyday support is provided.




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