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Governance is about making decisions that are good for the organization and the people in it. Good decisions lead to the success and well-being of both the organization and its people. All decisions are ultimately value decisions. The following is an attempt to show the development of values into outcomes


Values lead to...

  • Hopes that the values might be experienced
  • Purposes that lead to making the hopes a reality 
  • Principles that support the achievement of the purposes in acceptable ways
  • Policies support coordination and collaboration
  • Actions that contribute to the achievement of the purposes
  • Outputs the actual products of the actions
  • Outcomes are the resultant developments in the life and work of the people concerned - the impact on success and well-being of any initiatives


While the above sequence is far from mechanical it can be useful in establishing the level at which one is thinking and acting at any point in time.


Good governance is a matter of alignment of decisions and choices at all the levels listed above with opportunity (including the resources available)


The success of the organization and its people are best measured by their success and well-being (the outcomes) and these are ultimately understood in terms of what is valued.


To a greater of lesser extent the purposes of an organization should reflect the hopes and thus values of the people in it.