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What is your job, my job, in fact everyone's job?


Very simply, regardless of our roles and responsibilities, whoever we are, our job is:

  • To do our own work well, and,
  • To make it easier for the next person to do their work really well


In short, we are here to learn how to be better at our work, to contribute to making the school a better place for all. 


Three requirements

This means we have to:

  1. Know what is happening,
  2. Work with others to improve what is happening, 
  3. Make it easier for the next person (and all of us) to do well

Notes:  We need to 'know what is happening' in relation to our purposes. And making it easier for others does NOT include doing part of their work. Such 'help' is called tampering and often makes it more difficult for others to do well.   See also Working Together and Easier First.


To a greater or lesser extent we interact with our universe, of which we are a part.

At a conscious level, we interact largely on the basis of our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts, about our selves & our experiences, give rise to our feelings. How we think about our experiences is critical.


What shapes our thinking and subsequent success?

To a large extent, our thinking, our capacity to solve problems,  make improvements and thus to achieve are shaped by the interaction of: 

  • Our knowledge
  • Our skills
  • The systems we use, or participate in, and,
  • Our (personal) culture

and our experiences of the universe mediated by the people in our lives.


See also Nurturing Emergence and More on Nurturing Emergence