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We use LANGUAGE to

  • think (focus out attention and to make sense of our own and each others experiences)
  • communicate (share our thoughts and feelings) and
  • collaborate (coordinate our efforts with those of others)

Parts of speech are important, especially verbs and prepositions.

Nouns are simply labels that enable us to name elements under attention. Nouns can command more regard than they deserve.

Processes are the key to success. Improving processes results in better outcomes at less cost. Each step of a process is an action - we use verbs to outline processes

Example:  To achieve any goal

  1. Choose a goal
  2. Make a plan
  3. Get resources
  4. Do it !!
  5. Check on progress
  6. Make improvements (in any of the above)

Relationships determine how people contribute to the work being undertaken. Relationships are understood in terms of the relative positions of each person involved. Prepositions describe these relative positions or relationships.

Example: Teachers and students

  1. Teachers work on students  or
  2. Teachers work with students or
  3. Students work for teachers

The everyday use of prepositions reveal the actual values and culture of a group of people much more that the policy statements of the School.