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After a 3 day visit to Riverside Primary School in October 1998 Myron Tribus wrote " Ivan Webb  runs the most impressive quality school I have ever seen. Everyone, parents, children, teachers, administrators, is involved in the improvement of the school."


Michael King (Quality Learning Australia) says "Ivan is one of the top five practitioners in the world in the area of applying quality in schools"


Previous position: retired December 2000
        Principal, Riverside Primary School, Launceston Tasmania, Australia



Freelance consultant to Schools and other organizations ...

Occasional lecturer in Education

Developer of the Support Planner used in schools in Tasmania and NSW


BSc (University of South Africa) - majors in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 

Grad Dip in Information Systems (University of Tasmania)

PhD  University of Tasmania (UTAS): research website

Career experience: for a total of 37 years

Teacher (primary, secondary and senior secondary)
Senior Master (High School Maths & Science)
Resource Teacher (Mathematics)
Principal in District Schools, Primary Schools & Senior Secondary College
Regional Superintendent for 6 years

Professional interests:

Quality of life for all both now and in the future (and especially in Schools)

Achievements and partnerships in (and between) all concerned with communities, Schools & Colleges
The quality movement
Improvement: its sources and implications

Project management, systems and organisational development

Recent involvements:

Contributor to the Australian Quality Council's Quality Schools project   
Major developments in the application of IT to meet the needs of schools and teachers
Member of the managing team (Community Leaders Group) for Tasmania Together which is developing a strategic Economic, Social & Environmental plan for 2020 


Happily married to Liz

Father of four adult children (grandfather of six!!)
Thoroughly enjoys people, music (plays bass in a local rock band), gardening, reading & learning

Most valued belief: 
        "People come into our lives to be our teachers" (Steve Biddulph)

Identifies strongly with small children: 
        "We are all trying to make sense of our experiences"