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When things are difficult it is easy to give up. But the cost of giving up can be very high, especially if we give up on learning.  Can you imagine the cost, over a lifetime,  to a person who gives up on learning when the are very young. There is the cost to the person who gives up and the cost to those around them who miss out on the contributions that learning could have enabled.


A class of 10 year olds at Riverside Primary School decided to tackle the issue of how to tackle difficult things.  This is particularly important because  learning involves attempting to do something e haven't done before which is often hard. 


Hear is their recipe: it works for all difficult things and not just learning


    Making Difficult Things Easier
  1. STOP and think !!
  2. Have a sensible goal
  3. Measure the difficulty
  4. Have a plan to make it easier !!
  5. Get resources ($, time, learning)
  6. Get rid of obstacles
  7. Break it into small bits 
  8. START now !!
  9. Do some now (and do some later)
  10. Start with the easy things
  11. Persist (don't give up)
  12. Get help & encouragement
  13. Don't get distracted
  14. Be pleased with your achievement
  15. Give yourself a little reward