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The following 'process' was derived by a class of  10 year olds by brainstorming.  The goal was to come up with a set of strategies that just make boring tasks easier (remember "easier first!!").  Here are the results.


Please note the extensive use of verbs.  Verbs are words for actions. A process is made up of a sequence (and loops) of actions, 


 Making Boring Things Easier

  1. STOP and think !!
  2. Have a sensible goal· Measure how boring
  3. Have a plan to make it fun !!
  4. Get resources ($, time, learning…)
  5. Get rid of unhelpful thoughts
  6. Break it into small bits
  7. Do some now (and do some later)
  8. START now !!
  9. Start with the worst things
  10. Persist (don’t give up)
  11. Get help & encouragement
  12. Don’t get distracted
  13. Be pleased with your achievement
  14. Give yourself a little reward  


A class of 9 year olds took this 'process' and then created a chart titled


        When I say 'This is too hard' I really mean...


They were then able to analyse their own behaviour and responses to their work