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Behaviour is an element in all aspects of the life and work of the School and the people involved.


Behaviour is purposeful. It is intended to meet needs. We all manifest behaviour.


Behaviour management is much more than the contingency arrangements that may be in place to respond to unacceptable incidents. Bottom lines and effective contingency arrangements are essential but not sufficient.


A sound strategy to improve the quality of everyone's behaviour is:

  • to develop into a learning community - involve everyone*
  • to learn from the on-going day to day experiences of everyone
  • to deal with the unacceptable
  • to use the PDSA cycle to continuously improve behaviour
  • to identify the opportunities to move everyone towards better behaviour
  • adopt 'easier first' as the core of your strategy, i.e., first make it easier for everyone to behave well...
  • implement a 'Broken Windows' approach by involving students and making expectations explicit and achievable. 


(* Remember that quality is everyone's responsibility)