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What is 'quality'?  

Quality as an experience is that which is delightful to the recipient both now and in the future. It meets expectations (as a minimum), feels 'natural', is easier, ...

As used in this website 'quality' is an approach to the 'management of tasks' that helps to ensure that being part of the school and/or associated with it is a quality experience because
            -  things happen easily and well
            -  people are able to work together well 
            -  actions and responses are based on reality
            -  recipients are pleased with the outcomes
            -  the best outcomes are achieved
            -  at minimum cost
            -  with maximum savings


Quality management is a philosophy and a set of practices & tools that  make life better for everyone by focusing on the hopes, needs and purposes of the people involved (ie, by defining quality) by
        improving processes to
                makes tasks easier, and
                outcomes better


Why 'quality'?  

In the everyday sense quality is that which is delightful to the recipient both now and in the future.

Thus 'quality' is a management strategy that attends to what is delightful to those involved, both inside and outside the organisation.

While the principles and practices of quality may not be 'conventional' they are in fact very natural and scientific. They are soundly based, they work and they feel right. 

You already have a philosophy and set of practices. The ones that consistently serve you and others best are likely to be closely related to quality.

But what has management got to do with schools, classes and your work in particular? 


Everyone is a manager

You may be a teacher, school administrator, school services officer, principal, superintendent ...  If so you are responsible for making sure something happens or something is achieved.  You sound like a manager.
And what you manage is some kind of system: it has purposes, contributors, processes, beneficiaries, ...
Are you responsible for helping others do their work? Your staff or students?
Would you like to make it easier for yourself and others to work well?  Then quality has something to offer you! 

Quality has a number of variants all of which focus on the system and its processes. It has also gone through several generations of development 





Quality Assurance


Reduce variation

Maximise throughput

Ensure conformities


Continuous Improvement:
P-D-S-A cycle

Identify & elevate constraints

Reduce nonconformity


At Riverside Primary School we apply elements of each of the above (and their associated tools)  while attending to

  • Knowledge, eg, major processes are well known, understood and enacted wisely ...
  • Skills, eg, professional development ensures staff have the necessary skills
  • Systems, eg, tools, processes, time and other resources are well managed to enable people to undertake the tasks easily & well
  • Culture, eg, the School has a culture of shared responsibility, continuous improvement, ...