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Data Collection

Welcome to the home page for the Maths Extended Research Project - Term 1, 2011


Schools and school systems have frequently struggled to provide high quality challenges and support for the most able students. The Maths Extended Project provides an opportunity to study this issue in some detail.


The Research Team is comprised of


Sources of data:

The main sources of data will be the knowledge, experiences and insights of the key stakeholders:

  • Students
  • Mr Briginshaw as their Teacher
  • Parents
  • and the students' Class Teachers


Data to be collected

  • "Why we chose to be part of Maths Extended" - initial hopes and expectations -
  • "Our experiences so far" - early impressions
  • "What we have learned so far" - a half way check on how things are going
  • Final thoughts, insights and impressions - overall the success of the group and what it revealed
    • "What worked" - and what difference it has made
    • "What could have been better" - something for next time
    • "What might possible from what we have learned" - meeting future needs for challenge and support
  • Any other contributions at any stage


All contributions gratefully received!!

Participants can use any or all of the following ways to be involved

  • Email individual members of the Research Team (click on links above)
  • Email all of the Research Team
  • Post letters to
    • Maths Extended, C/- ELPS, PO Box 97, East Launceston, TAS 7250


The Results

The results of this research project will be shared with learning Services North, The Department of Education and participating students, parents and staff.


Thank you for considering this opportunity.


We look forward to learning with you.


Ivan Webb for the Research team


Phone:   0408 465 305