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Welcome... to Ivan Webb's School Improvement website, one of the best of its kind. 

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Better schools
depend on better thinking and also better working relationships built around achieving shared purposes and based on a systems approach. All thinking needs to be checked against reality: hard, local, current, human reality!


Half a mind is not enough !!  
It is not feasible to rely on great 'people skills' to make schools great places: 'right brain' thinking is not enough! Nor is it reasonable to rely solely on rational 'left brain' thinking: solving all the problems will help but it won't be enough. 

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Everyone needs to achieve success and well-being. The keys to achieving both these outcomes are thinking and operating in ways that work for all and meet the needs of all concerned, that is, with proper attention to systems and  processes.


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This site outlines a comprehensive strategy including



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Have fun & do well    -    Ivan Webb

Special Note: If you are not in a position to improve a whole school then just change the word 'school' into the appropriate word for you as you browse.  
Your word might be "class", "office", "counseling service", "bus run", "farm", "shop" or "factory" ....whatever you need it to be. 
Many of the following ideas apply very widely.  - Ivan